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LAS VEGAS, J◆an. 9 (Xinhua) -- ○As the 2009 C●onsumer Elect■ronic Show (CES) ●entered its◆ second day in La■s Vegas on Friday,〓 software giant M◆icrosoft's display ●of a hardware and so●ftware platfo○rm for the next ●generation ●of more useful an●d flexible hous●ehold objects,■ appliance●s and acce●ssories has bec●ome one of the ◆highlights. ●Two of the conce〓pt designs■ featured i

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y〓 a stock ticker an●d local traffic■ and weather r●eports, and a digi■tal photo frame that● can not only● download us●ers' latest holiday〓 photos, but can ○also be programmed t○o display anyt〓hing else availabl■e on the Inte◆rnet, from● current new○s headlines ◆and sports sco●res to full-length〓 movies.  The ◆Windows-based platf■orm is the result● of a colla●boration b○etween

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ets o◆f everyday life a●re getting smarte●r and more usef■ul," said the rele○ase. "But 〓what may come as〓 a surpris○e is that househo●ld appliances and d■evices are abo■ut to get connected○ to the outside w●orld through ■cyberspace." "T●he combination■ of Fugoo's platfor〓m and Micros◆oft Windows opens up● almost limitle○ss possibilit■ies for transfo○rming ordi○nary house■hold items

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